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Leapfrog Hack | Smart Cities Global Summit Hackathon

Aiming at becoming the largest hackathon ever held in Africa, with a focus on leapfrog technologies.

26-28 June 2018

DarTech- Dounia Park



What is LeapFrog Hack

The Algiers Smart City Summit (smartcityalgiers.com) will be focused on positioning a new thesis for the development of a new technology ecosystem, with an emerging world focus. Within that context, 2 key events will be organized: a global smart city hackhathon and a global smart city startup challenge. The events will run concurrent with the Algiers Smart City Global Summit, and will be primarily hosted at the newly launched Algiers City Tech Innovation Hub and Large Scale Live Open Sky Experimental Lab

Who Will attend ?

Participants are welcomed from all backgrounds and form all over the country, region and the world. They shall simply form teams of at most 6 members.


Themes will be tightly aligned with the those of the Smart Cities Global summit (Transportation, Health-care, Education...)
But will be mainly focused on the leverage of leapfrog technologies that enable business disruptions and exponential development.


An international jury, and various business/technology mentors from various parts of the world, with a heavy Silicon Valley emphasis , will be joining the events, along with the participation of global technology players, venture capital and policy makers.


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